Tip of the Week: Capture Customer Feedback with ‘Silent Listener’

When deploying an SMS campaign, it’s not uncommon for customers to text back with questions or feedback. This may happen even though no questions were asked of them, or the entire engagement was on the Invisible App channel.

:bulb:Tip: You can capture this customer feedback by setting up parallel workflows and silently listening! After setting up the workflows, use the Open Response module to capture the customer’s input without asking any questions. Once an input is detected, the next module (Multiple Choice) is being prompted and this cycle repeats. (More info on setting up parallel workflows here.)

*Click the below image to see an example of the work flow.

Two notes to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure the customer comments are being captured and processed.
  2. It’s best practice to provide an escalation/exit path to the end user using a simple “Phone Call” Module.

If you have questions or have used parallel workflows to set up a ‘Silent Listener’ us know in the comments!

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Personally, I use this approach in all the Ushurs I’m creating. Although the image shows a more comprehensive version of it, the SL can be as simple as an open response module looping back to itself :wink:

You can have a message module in the middle saying that this channel is not monitored to make sure legal team is happy as well :slight_smile:

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Love the recommendation to remind the customer that the channel is not monitored - thanks @amir.m!